Welcome to my world of Bears.
My name is Noreen Rozwadowski. I live in Christchurch with my husband John where we had a small gift and souvenir shop. My delightfull sunny upstairs studio overlooked the picturesque New Regent Street with it's cafes and bars , outside seating and a number of exciting gift and souvenir shops , in summer all bustling with visitors from  every corner of the world.At the end of January 2009 we closed the shop and my studio. Should you wish to contact me for whatever reason please go to my guest book.

With my mother, my sister and my bear
As  a family we have moved about a bit before settling in Christchurch, New Zealand in1997. With a relatively mild climate, proximity to many natural attractions, a small population of some 350 000 people and a very relaxed atmosphere Christchurch is a great place to live. Our two daughters, Kim and Anne and Anne's husband Gavin and our four grandchildren, David (17), Victoria (16), Pia (14) and Ross (12) have also settled here.
My grandparents left England about 1890. My husband John was born in Warsaw, Poland. We met in Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia ( now Zambia) where we were married in 1963. We moved to South Africa in 1973 and finally to New Zealand in 1997. I started making Teddy Bears in Pitermaritzburg in South Africa during 1994.

My parents gave my sister and me our first four bears in 1938. They found them in a shop in Livingstone in Northern Rhodesia. We loved them, the bears that is, into a furless state. Twentyfour years later my mother's dog ate my big bear. I cried for two days and could not go to work. My mother was so upset that she sent out a SOS messages all over the country and finally found a beautiful bear in Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia ( now Zimbabwe). He has travelled with me all over the world and now sits in the lounge out of reach of the grandchildren, unless they are feeling low when he does his comforting act again.

I hope you will enjoy looking at my bears and perhaps find one to adopt. If you are ever in Christchurch please pay us a visit. You will be most welcome. Before leaving I would like to invite you to sign my guest book.
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